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Body Soaps-Keralobs

Model: 37
Handmade exfoliating body soap with filter coffee beans, coffee extract and amaretto aroma. The coffee filter beans help exfoliate the skin and blood circulation...
Model: 39
Handmade body soap with Dead Sea mud, Bladderwrach seaweed and rosemary essential oil. Dead Sea mud is rich in iodine and minerals that moisturize the skin. Bladderwrach seaweed contains trace elements, many vitamins and salicylic acid. The combination of the above with rosemary essential oil fights..
Model: 40
Handmade activated carbon soap for face and body. Offers deep cleansing and removes toxins from the skin. Ideal for oily skin...
Model: 41
Handmade exfoliating body soap with Greek coffee. Greek coffee beans make a gentle exfoliation while caffeine tightens the skin and helps reduce cellulite...
Model: 38
Handmade exfoliating body soap with red clay, poppy seeds and Jasmine scent. The seeds of the poppy seed achieve the exfoliation of the skin and the high content of iron oxides in the red clay helps the regeneration of the cells, strengthening the skin and giving radiance...
Model: ΣΑΠ01
Handmade soap made from 100% natural ingredients. Pine tar in combination with Tee Tree (tea tree essential oil) offers antiseptic, fungicidal and antimicrobial properties. It is an ideal soap to fight psoriasis and eczema and acne...
Model: ΣΑΠ02
Handmade soap made from 100% natural ingredients. Sandalwood in combination with cinnamon helps remove oiliness, cares for the skin by acting rejuvenating and tones the skin. It is a body soap ideal for dry and sensitive skin...
Model: 5
Round glycerin soap with loofah and lavender scent. Provides exfoliation leaving freshness on the skin with lavender scent...
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