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Model: 60
Enjoy a relaxing and moisturizing rose bath with rose aroma. Almond oil moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin. The magnesium ions released by the Epsom salts contained in the oxygen ball relieve stress by promoting the production of serotonin and reducing the action of adrenaline. In addition,..
Model: 55
Salts with eucalyptus essential oil. Epsom salts help transport magnesium to the body through the skin and in combination with the analgesic properties of eucalyptus essential oil relieve muscle pain. In addition, eucalyptus is used to treat respiratory problems...
Model: 57
Salts with calendula petals and bergamot-neroli aroma. Epsom magnesium salts are responsible for regulating many enzymes in the body. Relieves stress, helps muscle function and reduces inflammation. Sulfates help remove toxins and improve the absorption of nutrients. Calendula has the ability to soo..
Model: 58
Epsom and Himalayan salts with rose aroma. Epsom salts remove toxins from the skin while Himalayan salts improve skin texture and appearance, fight fluid retention, prevent muscle cramps and pain, regulate sleep and reduce stress...
Model: 6
Lavender bath salts in the form of Bath Bomb. Lavender bath salts offer a relaxing bath reducing stress and fatigue but also soften the skin..
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